Web Management packages are available and are subject to individual quotation. The optimum Management package will depend on your particular business, the expected market and traffic to your site, and the amount of work necessary in terms of Management time.
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Web Management includes the following:

  • Updating prices, news and content of the pages on a regular basis
  • Regular testing of all hyperlinks on the web pages
  • Management of all content, including cgi and other programmes
  • General administration of the web server

    Management is intended to relieve you of the need to work on the server or website, and so enabling you to concentrate on that what you do best. Leaving the day to day running of your website in our hands.

    In managing your website, we 'touch base' on a regular basis to ascertain that all necessary updates are being carried out, and that the site is working properly for you as a useful sales tool.

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